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Image by Abhijith S Nair


But you can call me Iza

I’m THE go-to Temecula hair extensions expert for natural-looking, comfortable, “Holy shit your hair looks AMAZING” hair extensions.


From hair that’s so thin you have to wrap a ponytail holder around it five times to medical-related hair loss to hair that’s mysteriously stopped growing to bad-extension horror stories, I’ve seen it all throughout my 15 years of doing hair.


I’m certified in the two best, most popular types of extensions (IBE & NBR, if you’ve been doing your research!) and I only use the most high-end hand-tied hair extensions out there. 


I’m also a color expert (blonde & beyond) who specializes in giving women their super-custom DREAM hair – lived-in, natural, stunning extensions that make them feel absolutely beautiful every day.


(In other words, people won’t say “Hey, your extensions look good!” They’ll say, “Wow, your hair looks AMAZING!”)


I'm a Polish girl living the California dream!

Image by Lindsey


My story begins in a small Polish village where every Saturday my mama would take me to her weekly salon visits. I can still see that place. It was a small 200 square foot room filled with the smoke of the 1980s. I would sit, and watch as the ladies were pampered and imagined a day when I could take part in the tradition. That salon is where, as a little girl, I fell in love with the fun, creative environment of the hair industry.


 My family and I immigrated to the US  when I was 10, leaving the place I called home for better opportunities. I spent my teenage years in New Britain, Connecticut, as a small polish town we all called “New Britski.” Today its legally named Little Poland. 


While growing up, I spent so much of my time doing all of my friend's hair and makeup. When I was 23, I married my current husband, a Marine in the US military and we moved to California. Soon after we started our beautiful family and after a few years, I knew that it was time I finally pursued my passion for hair.

In 2009 in Temecula, California I graduated from Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology and was awarded the Visionary Award and high honors. For my accolades, the school sent me to a four-day intensive color training with a celebrity hairstylist in Hawaii where I discovered my enthusiasm for blonde color and extensions. Through the years I have continued to educate myself in a constantly evolving profession. I am certified in multiple extensions methods. I go to annual events and gatherings to learn and challenge my abilities in the salon and am always excited to discover new techniques and practices to bring back to my clients. 


I'm a Polish girl living the California dream! I am so excited to meet you, learn more about you, and go on this journey with you.

Image by Jimmy Moon


You deserve healthy, natural, GORGEOUS hair.

Let's make your #hairgoals a reality!

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